Musee Des Civilizations Noir (Museum of Black Civilizations)

Opening in December 2018, Le Muse des Civilizations Noir (Museum of Black Civilizations) is the realization of the vision of Senegal’s first President, Leopold Senghor, and represents the histories and contemporary cultures of Black people globally.

The Museum’s (Le Musée) structure is a beautifully designed, 150,000-square-foot, concentric circular structure emulating the traditional houses of Senegal’s Casamance region. The Museum emulates the center open roof that accepts rainfall in the center to living plants with a single 22-ton 18 meter baobob tree at the center.

The Museum has also has requested, and stands ready to properly receive, the return of all plundered African artifacts currently held outside of Africa by major museums. Le Musée puts pressure on all of the world’s museum that previously cited Africa’s inability to adequately handle its own artifacts to “proper” conservation standards.  As much as 95 percent of Africa’s cultural heritage objects are currently held outside of Africa by major museums. France holds almost 100,00 objects in its museums alone.

As African-Americans it is also our responsibility to support this “artifact repatriation” mission by making our voices hear to anyone and everyone. It is our responsibility as well to help see that these artifacts, these symbols or our heritage, return home.

Please enjoy a short video montage of my recent visit to Le Musée.


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