Gateway Senegal is African-American's entryway to learning about and engaging with the beautiful country of Senegal and it's amazing Senegalese people!

In the US we’re often presented with the proposition “invest in Africa”, but what does that actually mean?!? Exactly how do you invest in a place without understanding of that place? Without a connections to that place? Without RELATIONSHIPS in that place?!?

Most of the Diaspora would LOVE to invest in Africa if there was an understanding, a connection… a relationship.

Enter Gateway Senegal. The Black diaspora’s way to learn, connect and build cultural, business and educational relationships with the people of Senegal! Gateway Senegal works to demystify “investing in Africa” by vetting and presenting many different ways of ‘investing’ and then YOU decide how you’d like to participate. Maybe you’d like to invest money in a business, maybe learn a language, perhaps it’s a scholarship opportunity. With Gateway Senegal you can do any of these things with the guidance of a trusted source.

As you can see, “investing” isn’t just about money. At Gateway Senegal investment can be time, knowledge or even community. Gateway Senegal starts with community and then progresses to other opportunities from there. 

What areas of “investment” does Gateway Senegal promote?

Language & Culture

Most African-Americans speak only one language while the rest of the world speaks many! Global citizens travel regularly and adapt to wherever they land and they can often LIVE in multiple places that speak different languages! Speaking a single language is both physically and culturally restrictive. Join Gateway Senegal and begin learning Wolof, the most widely spoken native Senegalese language, and begin to reclaim your African culture.

Maybe your family isn’t from Senegal and maybe you’ve never heard of Wolof, but why not go ahead and “drop your cultural anchor” here, in Senegal. The land of Teranga!


Visiting Senegal is magical. Senegal is one of the safest and most attraction-rich destinations in all of Africa. Along with it being the Westernmost point of Africa, Senegal has miles of beautiful coastline and no shortage of things to experience.

  • Le Musee de Civilizations Noir – The largest Black civilizations museum in Africa
  • Le Grand Theatre – A huge beautiful auditorium used for all kinds of cultural events
  • Le Monument de Renaissance – The largest freestanding monument in Africa
  • Lampoul – A desert resort just minutes from the beach
  • San Louis – An historic city oozing with art and culture
  • Ngor Island – A family-friendly beach island in Dakar for relaxation and restaurants
  • Goree Island – UNESCO-recognized World Heritage site and reminder of human exploitation and a sanctuary for reconciliation
  • Fathala wildlife reserve – Walk side-by-side lions. Yeah, really.
  • Foret de Bandia – A safari park with giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras & other wildlife.
  • Lac Rose – A natural phenomenon highly saline pink lake
  • Popeguine, Toubab Dialao, Somone – Small native beach towns. Rent an AirBNB and spend a week!

Opportunity (jobs, overseas programs)

This is the big one. So many people would love to understand how it could be possible to spend at least a part of their lives overseas. If you wanted to test out a new place to call home (extended vacay anyone?) of course opportunity and income would play a big part in that decision. That’s why Gateway Senegal is developing a ‘jobs board‘ as well as guidance on scholarships and U.S. government programs to give you options.


Business? Wide open!

You can find existing opportunities if you have a little savings and time to search (see our ‘Opportunities’ above) but it’s best if you show up with an entrepreneurial spirit. Have an idea? Just do it! Already have a business? Just do it! As an American, it may be hard to accept not needing a special license or permit or zoning or permission… just do it. Although there are restrictions and requirements, Senegal offers freedom like you’ll never get in the States.


Hip-Hop Awards, fashion shows, art expos, MMA matches, and yeah, there’s a very healthy nightlife community. There’s always something fun going on in Dakar.


What’s life like in Senegal? How are the people? What do they eat? What do they do for fun? Check out our blog Songs of Senegal for personal stories about Senegal, what it’s like and how to cope in a new location.