Freedom House Project

Detoxification, reconciliation and lasting relationships for Black Americans and the continent and people of Africa for the purposes of personal, spiritual and business growth.

The FREEDOM HOUSE Project is a unique travel destination experience where Black Americans receive a linguistic/fitness/culinary/cultural/soulful/spiritual/historical detoxification and educational experience for the purposes of culturally, physically and spiritually reconciling Black Americans with native Africans and African lands. We market, facilitate and accommodate our guests to visit our “Freedom House” to experience an immersive cultural and educational program designed to dispel mis-information, open lines of communication and create lasting relationships.

The first Freedom House will be in Senegal, resembling a Bed and Breakfast format, offering Black American travelers a unique immersive educational experience, created and administered by our team and serviced largely by local Senegalese. Freedom House is a single-residence, cooperative living space centered inside an immersive trans-cultural experience designed to deliver the concept of Africa in a deeply impactful way. House decorations and designs will be by Senegalese artists, prepared food will be by Senegalese cooks and workshops and plenums will include ancestral and current thought provoking subject matter focused on the detoxification, reconciliation and restoration of our two cultures.

This project is in the concept development phase.


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